About the Challenge

Transform your life with the Transform Challenge!

If you are ready to change your life and become the best version of yourself, Yes You Can!'s Transform Challenge is perfect for you!

The Transform Challenge is a 90 day weight-loss competition where you will have the tools, guidance, and motivation to reach your ideal weight. Throughout the challenge, you’ll have the support of our amazing community of Coaches and clinically proven products available in the Transform Kit, which will be your roadmap during this journey. You will also compete for the chance to become our $10,000 grand prize winner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Transform Challenge is an opportunity to win prizes while transforming yourself. It is a challenge spanning 3 months, where you must focus on achieving your health goals by using the Yes You Can! Products
You can only sign up for the challenge directly on our website: https://yesyoucan.com, Just click the Tab for "Transform Challenge" and then select "Join Now." If you need any help signing up, you can contact your Yes You Can! Coach or contact Coach Business Support 1.888.381.0992 to guide you through the online enrollment process.
To be considered an active participant, you must purchase a Transform Kit On the Go for every month of your challenge. You may also qualify by enrolling in our Transform Challenge Auto Order and completing a monthly kit purchase.
There are four prize levels of possible winners per Challenge! 1 Grand Prize winner who will receive a $10,000 prize, 1 Runner Up Female who will receive a $1,500 prize, 1 Runner Up Male who will receive a $1,500 prize, and 1 Runner Up over 40 who will receive a $1,500 prize.
No, unfortunately all prizes are final and non-transferable
The $10,000 Grand Prize will only be distributed in the form of a check.
Depending on the prize level, you will be mailed a check for the amount awarded to the address you provided during the enrollment.
No need to worry, you can still enroll! If you already receive a monthly kit order through our Preferred Customer Club, you can just add that order number in the corresponding field in your Transform Challenge page so that it may count towards your eligibility for the Challenge. You will have to update your order number every month.
Yes! All Coaches are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the challenge.
The contest winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and announced during a Facebook live during the month after the challenge period.
Absolutely! We encourage all participants to continue their transformations by enrolling in more than one cycle of the challenge to reach their weight loss goal.